Sunday, 26 June 2011

My Most Two Favourite Girls ♥ ♥

The Millionaires,a band that is under the record label of Fueled By Ramen and very heavily supported by Cobra Starship and Fallout Boy..Millionaires is an electropop group consisting of two sisters, Melissa Marie and Allison Green, from Orange Country,California.The group, formed in August 2007, is widely known for mixing heavily explicit lyrics with a bubbly electropop sound.Their image and lyrics have generated considerable controversy,but they still maintain moderate mainstream success and have a large, dedicated fan base.Dani Artaud @ Dani Gore was a member of the group until 2010, when she left due to a fallout with Melissa Marie and Allison..Well,we (Andi Zephyr and I) kinda loved these two girls since we were 17!!its was like love at first sight when we heard to their song 'I like money' u really have any ideas what are they usually wears??Melissa Marie Green and Allison Green of the Millionaires love wearing bold,attention-grabbing sequin vests on stage. A typical vest outfit for Melissa is a basic black tank with black ruffle shorts,and of course a huge hair bow.Allison on the other hand prefers to wear snazzier clothes underneath.Actually The Millionaires came by 3 girls which was Melissa,Allison and Dani Gore but where the hell Dani gone??Sadly,she decided to move on and now she's with her best friend,Asia in a band, Mr.Downstairs..but Millionaires are just are amazing without her :)

Millionaires with Jeffree Star !! <33

Millionaires with BC13 yaww~ :3

OMFG!! this is the best picture ever!! 3 of my fav singers in 1 picture <33 Allison,Stephen Jerzak and Melissa..

Lmfao,im kinda lucky on this 27th of June 2011 cuz of my wall has been replied by my most favourite band,Millionaires!! as u can see most of my outfits and hair figure are inspired by them especially Melissa Green..I just love her red lippy brat and also big bow on top of her hair..thank u so much guys!! I wish i could celebrate my next 21 bday with u..get drunk and stuff :P ill not stop loving u <33

Heres some of our pictures that been inspired by Millionires :)

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