Tuesday, 12 July 2011

You're my super duper HERO !! ♥♥

(posting atas permintaan Musher,dia kata ape brg letak pic dia kt tepi blog..nak ltk pic kt tgh2 tu)

haishh,demand betul..artis la katakn -.- hahaha

Mood dia : gedik :P

Musher Rainbow <33

Mood dia : memberontak :P

Kids Negative <33

Heyya! sorry for not posting lately..im kinda lost a bit of my creativity..well today i had something to share with..jyeahh~i was soo lucky for having these two kiddos in my life <33 im saying this bcause they were always came thru my life whenever i need shoulder to cry,light some burden of mine..umm as u know imma lazy girl who usually woke up 10 am in the morning but since these two kiddos (kid & musher) came thru in my life,ive been up 6 am in the morning!! can u imagine how cruel are they snatched my sweet pie dream just want to say 'morninggg' with innoncent face (musher)  -.- lol,as for other kiddos (Kid),he just loved to wake me up with this silly lullaby 'selamat pagiii..bla,bla,bla..HAHAHA~ how sweet he was <33 sorry to say guys,korg memang kejam sgt2!! bgun pagi pn nk jgk kacau org..hahaha..

But honestly guys,im glad that u were here for me,always be there for me *walaupn kdg2 pangai korg xleh aku terima :P thanks for being a good listener to me..dgr masalah sume eventho i byk kutuk u(musher) hahaha..jgn marah tau i syg u slalu lah wlupn i xbrape minat u yg ramai sgt pminat tu..xheran! wekk :P as for kid kwn yg aku plg syg,yup kau mmg bangang sbb suke wat lawak bodoh pepagi buta bile kejutkn aku tp thanks la gurau2 kau pn serius bile dgr masalah aku..k lah thats all for today..kang cite lebih2 korang plak lagi market drpd aku..HAHAHA..toddles~ ♥♥

p/s : tanpa aku sapelah dorg tu..hahahaha *gelak jahat xD

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