Tuesday, 20 December 2011


     I should by know from the first time i met him. not giving too much hopes & think we might end up with happy ending. last nite was the worst nite ever, i took the very 'brialliant' idea with asking him to let me go. it started with an out of nowhere hackers whom hacked my facebook and posted something silly using my account. he was sounds like 'hwo need's my tits?' (a simple grammer to be mistake as im not that type of people who blind to do the mistake). well, actually i havent went to facebook since 2 days ago as i cant manage to go through it & i just logged in my boyfriend's account (okay, after few hours ago by last nite he wasnt mine anymore). i was very shocked when i saw 'im' posting a status which was not really me. i tried to warn the hackers but eventually he walled me some threat words that he barely hack my boyfriend's too if i dont stop chiding him. okay, im just afraid if my friends might say something bad upon me as 'im' posting some cheap status. tits? whoever else sane on earth wants to give up their tits? i wont! after that happened, few friends of mine called me to speak out bout that hackers thing. felt realived cuz few friends knew that im not that grammer mistakes & chepo to give out my tits. silly.

     As in dilemma, i tried to give calls to my boyfriend like hundred times but he didnt pick up any. I felt so bruised, bit disappoint as well because he never there for me whenever i needed him to share something with. being that kinda sorrow & down, i called him again & yes he didnt pick up again. few minutes later he only just texted me what happened to u? thats all???????????? after ive been calling him like thousands yet he act like do-not-know person. i was in angry because my friends always come first instead of him. how u supposed to feel if u were in my shoe honey?? he even rejected my calls as im goin to eat him i just need u to light my burden. thats all. why on earth u always think that i might yell at u like crazy? no, i wont do that. please give me some cares. and for the last time, he picked up mine and i started to cry. i spilt out of all ive been wanting to tell him about. he seems like no understands me & keep on blaming me not to understand him though. i asked for break up and ended up the calls. he done nothing but asked me 'why must u leave me just because of facebook thing?' see??????? he'll never know what i want & feel most. I'm not asking for a break up because of that damn silly facebook but yet it was u. your attitude.

     You'd never know that I've cried lots thinking of letting u go. i loved u still but this heart bruised bit because u never ever be there for me. I'm all alone by myself. and the thing that always running on my head is differences between u & Andi. we have known each other since 9 years ago but that's not the reasons why she always get the 1st place in my heart. u still remember my 20th years birthday? on a day that u have promised me to buy things as a gift for me? i don't think so cuz u never buy even once for my birthday until now. while Andi has gave me a handbag. i knew she wont let me down. plus, she has bought me lots since we were friends. she gave me sooooo much cares like no one else could. shes like a sister, a boyfriend, & a brother to me. on the other hand, shes the one who always worried if anything bad happen against me. and shes the one who always puts me on the 1st place in her heart. i wish u could do better than her. but at the end.... we ended up with broken heart & thanks to u, Hakim :')
I'm out of done...

I'm not supposed to love u.
I'm not supposed to care.
I'm not supposed to live my life wishing u were there.
I'm not supposed to wonder where u are or what u do.
I'm sorry i can't help it cause im in love with u.

Love isnt just about 'love' matter but its wrapped & bond with cares, forgiven, understanding as well.


Sunday, 18 December 2011

Dear Hakim baby...

♥ ♥ Its been long time we havent talk like we used to. Yes, this stupid brain always thinking bout u lately. i wondered how im gonna walk this empty road without u? im keen to text u even make calls every single minute just want to say 'i miss u baby' but yet i might annoying u. feeling strange when our some friends told bad things bout us. yeahh as im about to off to university and ur studied at some place far from me. my mom asked me to go for a 'last' date with u. see....? how nice ur future mom in law even she kept thinking, worrying bout ur lunch when im gone. cuz ill be not that near from u like i always cooked something for ur lunch. im here, keep on praying & hoping that ull never forget me. cuz im waiting for u to come for me & asking me to be ur wifey. i miss u teribbly dear. so i have made u something to remind u bout me. ♥ ♥

we can achieve more beyond expectations.


Saturday, 17 December 2011

Few bitches named the price of love with dollars.
That's no love, its hunger for money.
Love isn't that cheap, like we buy groceries from the back market. its more than anyone can described.

Every girls want every jewelleries at the pass by shops yet couldn't all their boyfriends give of what they wanted to? nope, i don't think its work in here.
Not all guys have that much penny in their wallets. Only the luckiest one could earn that prosperity from their boyfriends. its too good to be true.
Somewhere, some girl, some guy who loved her girlfriend most. there's either no & impossible words to him to grant all his girlfriend wishlist.
Its such wonderful things when some guy willing to pay for all bucks that his girlfriend has spent.
I'm envy.
Yet the bad thing comes when the some ungrateful girlfriend only knows to start up a fight instead learn to say 'thanks my love' or maybe 'u have been so nice to me, thanks'. followed by kisses & hugs.
It's not a big favour to be ask from her but at least it worth to make her boyfriend happy and feel some love.
Hey bitch, you're lucky cuz not many as u can wipe out all the good things.
You know, a small kiss & warm hug from his beloved can give thousands of smile.
Bad is when the some girl don't realised it. fool.
To some unfortunate ones, they only pray to God if one day they could earn something from their boyfriends. Indeed, money cant buy u happiness but can u imagine how dancing on the moon if their boyfriend could buy something for them? just to show their cares and love.
Appreciate him. 
A good hearted guy wouldn't come twice, so think wisely before u start to jump off into some arguments. its bad, don't u ever do that ugly thing.
I'm glad if i earn loyalties from him. This isn't a fairy tale, many bad guys will come.


Thursday, 15 December 2011

Los Angeles based artist and writer with a chihuahua for an accomplice. Shes Nikki, a girl who famously known as the little bukowski. I just loved all her writing, i knew her since months ago when i surfing some stuff for my blog. Shes an idol who should be followed by us. A gorgeous girl yet she treats her fans like her own friends. We have talked once or mybe twice on her blog. Shes a nice girl to talk with. A simple girl with a simple life has showed me how truely life means. Her writings made me feel back to 80's when people can smell woods and all the classic scene of their sight. We should proud for having her here with us beside Agatha Christie.

Nikki is the quiet storm, a true observer who can capture the essence of a moment in a powerful manner. Her writing is the full force of fancy woman blood. Her blog reveals what many women have been trying to say all this time."
- by Derrick Brown, president, write bloody publishing

the best writing is writing with heart not ur brain.


Friday, 9 December 2011

Third parties are bad news. They are often the reasons for breakups in relationships and even marriages. They are considered pests in an otherwise perfect relationship. But of course, it is not easy to break a strong marriage, however, somewhere, somehow, when a third party shows up, the original couple tends to break up because trust has also been broken.
However, I know of one third party, who when we allow Him to get involved in our relationships and marriages, would even bring us closer together, make our love for each other stronger and make our bonds tighter. And that third party is God.
When we make God the center of our lives, we then make Him as the center of our affairs. Just imagine this love triangle - God on top, and we (our spouses and ourselves) at the bottom. The closer we draw to God, the closer we draw to each other. But the moment we draw away from God, the farther away we go from each other.
I am not saying that our marriage is perfect. But what I am saying is that God has really transformed our relationship and our love stronger. We have become closer and more intimate with each other.
If God has worked in our lives, He can also work in yours. And no marriage is beyond salvation when God works in our lives.

The Other Woman - Who The Fuck Is She?

She has been vilified as the vixen, home wrecker, hussy and whore. She has been told that she has no shame, no class, unhappy little tramp, seducer of the poor family man and other degrading names too numerous to mention. Who is she?
Let's take a closer look at the role the other woman plays. She is the one the husband can talk to when he is unable to talk with his wife. She understands him. She makes him feel like a man and she also makes him feel special. His marriage was a mistake, but he does not know how to end it gracefully. The other woman is his best friend who understands him. She may share common interests with this man. She is independent and is not clingy. In most situations the other woman has no intention of replacing the wife. She's happy with the arrangement. This makes her appealing unlike the wife at home. Some men are programmed to marry a dependent woman, while secretly wanting an independent woman. They end up marrying the wrong woman instead of seeking what they really want.
Here a few things to consider before anyone begin to criticize the other woman. The man willingly stepped out of his marriage. She did not steal anyone's husband. This is a common misconception about the other woman. I hope the wife of any husband who has been stolen by the other woman, has filed a robbery report with the proper authorities. It is interesting to note that a wife is quicker to accuse the other woman of stealing her husband rather than confronting her husband regarding his infidelity. Why is that? Women, who are wives, do not want to see their so-called happy home broken apart, so it is easier to overlook what their husband did and instead, attack the integrity of the other woman. Some husbands do not want to be married and neither do the wives, but they go ahead anyway. Resentment of the marriage and of each other develops, which leads to possible infidelity. The husband, has a responsibility to his marriage, the other woman does not have a responsibility to his marriage. He made a vow to his wife, the other woman did not.
You do not know what she was told about his current relationship status.
Feelings are never black and white. Bitches do the bitchy things. Its law of nature.


Wednesday, 7 December 2011

P/S : this post isn't related to dear readers except for that bitch. Any names that written here is not truely exist. based on what happened to a friend's friend of mine.

Well hello readers, sorry for not posting any as i am too busy managing my life. the only main reason i want to share this post with u is because i dont want u people being cheated by ur 'best friend'. maybe some people like me would not even know that our friends can also act like a piece of crap. but who knows rite? out of the moon she/he stabbed our back. couple days ago, a girl , named as A has uploaded a picture on her facebook and yes the picture was kinda naked (eventhough it wasnt that porn). her boyfriend found out that picture and felt so pissing off cause he cant accept that other guy has edited her girlfriend's. as that girl needs someone that she might share the problem with, she texted her best friend, named as B bout that misery problem. so her best friend advised her not to upload that kinda picture again and delete the naked picture as soon as possible cause the rest of monkeys (which is haters) would speak out rubbish bout the picture. that girl followed the orders and work out on her moody boyfriend. few days ago, that girl came to her best friend's house for visiting her and gossipping like they used to. heres the thing, actually her best friend told a friend of her, named C (and well a friend of that girl too) bout that case (the naked picture thing). as her best friend told that girl bout C matter, that girl smelled some hatred and bad attitude on their friendship. first and foremost we as 'BFF' cant easily tell other people outside the "BFF'' lines bout secrets that being shared. in this story the C bitch actually told her sister bout that naked picture. and soooo like always bitches do the bitchy things, they were like wondering and keen to look up at the picture. and for the A, she was like FUCKKK U BITCH!! how monkeys they were act like, digging up people stuff. its so okay for C to know bout A's picture yet too the C's sister wanna look up at the picture. like on earth what does the picture related to u honey bitch? u had never talk to that A even once and out of the blue moon u came out of nowhere asked bout that picture. WTF man??????!!!! are u seriously being stalker huhh?? end of story and some moral value we can get here is dont easily trust ur friends. sometimes they might squeeze u like a bug, really. beware and alert to ur biological surroundings (merepek semata-mata).

*sorry for my grammers.

listen to :
my best friend's hot
by the dolly rots


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