Friday, 9 December 2011

1 2 3 Middle Finger Fer You

Third parties are bad news. They are often the reasons for breakups in relationships and even marriages. They are considered pests in an otherwise perfect relationship. But of course, it is not easy to break a strong marriage, however, somewhere, somehow, when a third party shows up, the original couple tends to break up because trust has also been broken.
However, I know of one third party, who when we allow Him to get involved in our relationships and marriages, would even bring us closer together, make our love for each other stronger and make our bonds tighter. And that third party is God.
When we make God the center of our lives, we then make Him as the center of our affairs. Just imagine this love triangle - God on top, and we (our spouses and ourselves) at the bottom. The closer we draw to God, the closer we draw to each other. But the moment we draw away from God, the farther away we go from each other.
I am not saying that our marriage is perfect. But what I am saying is that God has really transformed our relationship and our love stronger. We have become closer and more intimate with each other.
If God has worked in our lives, He can also work in yours. And no marriage is beyond salvation when God works in our lives.

The Other Woman - Who The Fuck Is She?

She has been vilified as the vixen, home wrecker, hussy and whore. She has been told that she has no shame, no class, unhappy little tramp, seducer of the poor family man and other degrading names too numerous to mention. Who is she?
Let's take a closer look at the role the other woman plays. She is the one the husband can talk to when he is unable to talk with his wife. She understands him. She makes him feel like a man and she also makes him feel special. His marriage was a mistake, but he does not know how to end it gracefully. The other woman is his best friend who understands him. She may share common interests with this man. She is independent and is not clingy. In most situations the other woman has no intention of replacing the wife. She's happy with the arrangement. This makes her appealing unlike the wife at home. Some men are programmed to marry a dependent woman, while secretly wanting an independent woman. They end up marrying the wrong woman instead of seeking what they really want.
Here a few things to consider before anyone begin to criticize the other woman. The man willingly stepped out of his marriage. She did not steal anyone's husband. This is a common misconception about the other woman. I hope the wife of any husband who has been stolen by the other woman, has filed a robbery report with the proper authorities. It is interesting to note that a wife is quicker to accuse the other woman of stealing her husband rather than confronting her husband regarding his infidelity. Why is that? Women, who are wives, do not want to see their so-called happy home broken apart, so it is easier to overlook what their husband did and instead, attack the integrity of the other woman. Some husbands do not want to be married and neither do the wives, but they go ahead anyway. Resentment of the marriage and of each other develops, which leads to possible infidelity. The husband, has a responsibility to his marriage, the other woman does not have a responsibility to his marriage. He made a vow to his wife, the other woman did not.
You do not know what she was told about his current relationship status.
Feelings are never black and white. Bitches do the bitchy things. Its law of nature.


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