Wednesday, 7 December 2011

You Smell Fish'ie Bitch

P/S : this post isn't related to dear readers except for that bitch. Any names that written here is not truely exist. based on what happened to a friend's friend of mine.

Well hello readers, sorry for not posting any as i am too busy managing my life. the only main reason i want to share this post with u is because i dont want u people being cheated by ur 'best friend'. maybe some people like me would not even know that our friends can also act like a piece of crap. but who knows rite? out of the moon she/he stabbed our back. couple days ago, a girl , named as A has uploaded a picture on her facebook and yes the picture was kinda naked (eventhough it wasnt that porn). her boyfriend found out that picture and felt so pissing off cause he cant accept that other guy has edited her girlfriend's. as that girl needs someone that she might share the problem with, she texted her best friend, named as B bout that misery problem. so her best friend advised her not to upload that kinda picture again and delete the naked picture as soon as possible cause the rest of monkeys (which is haters) would speak out rubbish bout the picture. that girl followed the orders and work out on her moody boyfriend. few days ago, that girl came to her best friend's house for visiting her and gossipping like they used to. heres the thing, actually her best friend told a friend of her, named C (and well a friend of that girl too) bout that case (the naked picture thing). as her best friend told that girl bout C matter, that girl smelled some hatred and bad attitude on their friendship. first and foremost we as 'BFF' cant easily tell other people outside the "BFF'' lines bout secrets that being shared. in this story the C bitch actually told her sister bout that naked picture. and soooo like always bitches do the bitchy things, they were like wondering and keen to look up at the picture. and for the A, she was like FUCKKK U BITCH!! how monkeys they were act like, digging up people stuff. its so okay for C to know bout A's picture yet too the C's sister wanna look up at the picture. like on earth what does the picture related to u honey bitch? u had never talk to that A even once and out of the blue moon u came out of nowhere asked bout that picture. WTF man??????!!!! are u seriously being stalker huhh?? end of story and some moral value we can get here is dont easily trust ur friends. sometimes they might squeeze u like a bug, really. beware and alert to ur biological surroundings (merepek semata-mata).

*sorry for my grammers.

listen to :
my best friend's hot
by the dolly rots

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