Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Hime Gyaru Craze!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, today i wanna share u my most favourite hime gyaru hair tutorial. its kinda easy & quick to be done but u need those other hair stuff like hairspray, hair clips, extensions, hair roller (required in small & large size). Kadang-kadang tak puas hati jugak sebab minah saleh pun leh wat rambut yang sebegini awesome! actually style ni inspired by japan/korean girls, tapi ramai tiru cuz style ni cute & hebat! Ramai asean people xpuas ati kt minah2 saleh ni cuz dorg rmai ciplak style ni (eventho it has no limits in fashion level). nak taw sbb ape? sebab muke dorg ni xserupa lgsung dgn asean face. haa, cm kite warganegara Malaysia maybe sesuai lah nk follow style ni sebab muke kita ada yg cm cina,jepun,korea,etc. tapt xleh dinafikan vid hair tutorial diatas sgt membuka mata saya! salute kt perempuan ni sebab tutorial senang diikut. sebenarnya rambut dia biasa2 aja tapi yg membuat ia lawa sebab dia pkai byk hair extentions, touch up guna hairclips segala. anyway, lets check this video out!!!!!!!!!!!! <33

Tsubasa Masuwaka (himegyaru icon)

Hime gyaru is a style from Japan, and it means "Princess girl". If you love dressing girly and looking adorable, you should try wearing it!! Here's how to be himegyaru.
  1. Start purchasing dresses Hime gyaru is about a sweet and innocent princess appearance. If you already have cute, frilly dresses, that's a good starting point. Dresses are mostly knee-length, but some are shorter. Popular things on hime gyaru dresses are fake fur, pearls, animal print, flowers, bows and anything that's cute and sweet. But keep all these things in moderation, like ruffles just at the bottom of a dress, or lace on the sleeves. Don't make yourself look like your outfit it's eating you alive! Dressed tend to be very regal looking, and generally are in pastel colors-- after all, you're a princesss girl! Some popular brands are Jesus Diamante and Liz Lisa.
  3. You don't always have to wear dresses! If you have a nice pair of jeans with no holes, pair it with tops that have bows, lace, animal print, and anything very cute and hime. Add some matching ballet flats or heels and a pearl necklace/cute jewelry, along with cute gyaru makeup and hair. Just be sure to keep it very nice--princess gal, remember?
  5. Makeup is important!! Hime gyaru gals usually wear lots of makeup, but it is very simple looking. Usually a himegyaru will wear liquid (most popular) eyeliner in black, light foundation, false eyelashes and/or mascara and pink lipgloss/lipstick. Eye makeup is usually done to make the eyes appear larger. Tanning is optional, but if you do get one, don't make it very dark or orange, usually Hime gals just use a light bronzer if they choose to tan at all.
  7. Get a hair accessory. One huge flower (i.e. a rose) or a silk bow are good hair accessories. If you don't have a bow a little crown or tiara (it shouldn't be too big or it will look funny), whether plastic or metal, will be an adorable option. You MUST have a hair accessory. Popular hairstyles include having your hair teased into a high beehive or boufant hairstyle, with lots of curls, or having a nice, simple bun. Straightened hair isn't very hime unless you have a boufant to accompany it--the elaborate big-hair hairdo is a trademark hime gyaru style. The hime haircut is perfect for hime gyaru--it's basically long bangs cut to your jaw, with regular bangs as well, the rest of the hair is cut evenly at one length.
  9. Get some type of nails. Fake nails are very pretty, especially they are nice if you naturally have short nails, but if you want to go totally natural, a clear or shimmery white nail coating can be used. They should be decorated/painted in some fashion. Many tutorials for hime gyaru nails are available online.
  11. Hime Gals aren't usually snobby! Be kind to others, and don't dumb yourself down to seem like a perfect princess!! And you don't always have to be frilly and girly, you can still do anything you want, gyaru is simply a fashion, it doesn't restrict what music you listen to, activites you do in your spare time, or how you choose to act. Lastly, BE CONFIDENT!! Lovely makeup, cute hair and nice clothes mean nothing if you don't think you look good!
* source from : be a himegyaru


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