Thursday, 15 December 2011

An Angel From Heaven

Los Angeles based artist and writer with a chihuahua for an accomplice. Shes Nikki, a girl who famously known as the little bukowski. I just loved all her writing, i knew her since months ago when i surfing some stuff for my blog. Shes an idol who should be followed by us. A gorgeous girl yet she treats her fans like her own friends. We have talked once or mybe twice on her blog. Shes a nice girl to talk with. A simple girl with a simple life has showed me how truely life means. Her writings made me feel back to 80's when people can smell woods and all the classic scene of their sight. We should proud for having her here with us beside Agatha Christie.

Nikki is the quiet storm, a true observer who can capture the essence of a moment in a powerful manner. Her writing is the full force of fancy woman blood. Her blog reveals what many women have been trying to say all this time."
- by Derrick Brown, president, write bloody publishing

the best writing is writing with heart not ur brain.


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