Sunday, 18 December 2011

My Other Half Of Spade

Dear Hakim baby...

♥ ♥ Its been long time we havent talk like we used to. Yes, this stupid brain always thinking bout u lately. i wondered how im gonna walk this empty road without u? im keen to text u even make calls every single minute just want to say 'i miss u baby' but yet i might annoying u. feeling strange when our some friends told bad things bout us. yeahh as im about to off to university and ur studied at some place far from me. my mom asked me to go for a 'last' date with u. see....? how nice ur future mom in law even she kept thinking, worrying bout ur lunch when im gone. cuz ill be not that near from u like i always cooked something for ur lunch. im here, keep on praying & hoping that ull never forget me. cuz im waiting for u to come for me & asking me to be ur wifey. i miss u teribbly dear. so i have made u something to remind u bout me. ♥ ♥

we can achieve more beyond expectations.


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