Wednesday, 25 January 2012

A Boy Friend

On my very first date with my boyfriend, I didn’t know if he was going to kiss me. I didn’t know yet that he loves baking stuff such as donuts. But I didn't know for certain that I wanted this person with whom I’d just eaten lunch to be in my life. Flash forward six intense, crazy-in-love months and this man is not only boyfriend — he is my closest friend now, too, the one who knows everything about what goes on with my family, what goes on at work, what weird dreams woke me up in the middle of the night.

And I’m not entirely sure that’s a good thing.He is my boyfriend, he’s my best friend, but he’s also filling a vacancy that slowly opened up in my life recently. You see, I don’t have a lot of friends. No, I’m not a complete nutter who can’t keep any friends, I swear. It’s just that, in the past few days, all my closest friends have scattered, literally, around the world. Don’t misunderstand me about what my relationship is; it’s amazing, he’s amazing, and I don’t want to sound as if I am ungrateful that he’s my best friend, too. I’m glad my relationship is rooted in a friendship as opposed to, say, lust or greed or any of the other emotions that compel two individuals to pair up.

My boyfriend is a friend to whom I want to do things I don’t want to do to my other friends. And that’s where the mental compartmentalization comes in. A boyfriend shouldn’t be everything to me, right? What lovers have together isn’t the same thing as what friends have together and I don’t want any obfuscation. My boyfriend is definitely my best friend, and I enjoy it immensely. Nobody knows me like he does. We get all the fun sexytime goodness and romantic stability mixed in with the carefree fun (and rampant idiocy) of being best friends. I am, for the most part, very minimally girly, so we spend a crazy amount of time just playing video games & cooking some food for breakfast.

Boyfriend who is your best friend often becomes your husband. And that is a good thing.

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