Saturday, 10 September 2011

Taste On The Tips Of Tongue

Across the main road, we parked the car nearby the trees. the wind seems like whispered to the trees gently. it was a good day to enjoy meals with friends at nearby pizza hut. so, we crossed the road carefully; there was lots of cars drowning in the road as i can see, it was the only main road we usually used for. as we entered in the pizza hut, the main pizza girl welcoming us to have a seat and she brought also the menu list. we came by 3; me myself, fadz diela and hadie latif. there just a few of people who came by to pizza hut maybe because of it was still eid days. actually i was wait for my boyfriend, debab (zhuyin) but as the matter of the fact, he's not being punctual. after half an hour he came and joined us to finish the meal.

as u know, i just loved to snap picture whenever i go. even it's a public place. no worries, apparently it didn't harm u even an inch. i just grab my friend's cell and snap as many as i can. (don't blame for using her phone because her camera was way better than mine). first victim would be my boyfriend, debab. naaa, he just same like me. pouting our face to look cute on that picture. LMAO.

same old same. starting a date with lunch and ended up with lunch.

''after all, what's the point of being dead if u don't live a little?''

listen to :
i'll be missing you
by d.j musher (piano cover)


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