Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Between A Bunny & An Ordinary Girl

imagine for a moment a bug's ear on top of a girl's head. cute picture? well it's a picture of my very best friend, qiqi bunny. she was like connected to bunny things. adorable and cuddly. she was given by magic touch. just look at her makeup especially when it comes to her shimmer eyes. once before she has known as a girl who addicted to wear wigs yet she changed all those style all the way round. real deal was the main issue why she refused to wear it. in any ways or any how she changed the style, i still adore her. at least she got her very own way to improve herself. after all, haters always there when things are perfection.

''you're what u eat. you're what u wear.''


listen to :
bubble pop!
by HyunA

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