Thursday, 11 August 2011

Beautiful Disaster

a girl raised by kittens : thelittlebukowski

men always doubt with girls' sincerity's. though, the frailness in love. as me; myself physically born with female sex usually used the appearance to catch as many bees i can. i labelled myself as butterfly; grown from the lowest nature's circle of living. and yet, it's become one of the prettiest things; lived through patterns and colors. these type of creature earn wealthiness through others'. yes, they have to fly; searching the summer to live for but the other side of the coin, they suck all the things made by others'. we are the sex of female should have know the risk when it comes to fall in love. plan the best strategies as the first step before jumping off  through world's desire. yet, many of us be the failure; cries for nothing. mostly cause by,men. i'm not generous enough giving all mine to him. for God's sake; didn't u realized that u earn nothing even an inch of goodness by done that? that's what i called as foolishness. luckily we have been given friends to fix the foolishness. as the matter of the fact, they'll light the burden of us thus, brush all the tears to shed. that's what friends for.

u may beautiful in all ways in positive side; on the other side of truthness, you're zero can full of dusk and loneliness. you're just being stupid by act like you're the smartest one, but the real on earth is; you're not. don't blame the other sex for causing u down on your own knees. we given by logically ideologies to think, but only things we do was throw the abilities. i can see that, girls. such a waste. be ready because there are so many things around we have to face in the future. always down to earth and learn from the oldest. they know better; this way to the right end. go figure.

''we will rot in the ground get over it''

listen to :
in loving memory of u despite
by asking alexandria

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