Thursday, 11 August 2011

The God's Play

sometimes we didn't realized how deep we have been drown into hatred. it was a girl who almost keen to seek revenge; of her sorrowful past life. Yes,the world wasn't really kind to us; mostly we had to struggle things to achieve our mindless self indulgence. it's like a butterfly flew freely beneath the skies. humans are designed from many things,but loneliness isn't one of 'em. they always missed the great parts because their blindness; to see how beautiful things will head to. these man always being ungrateful. blaming their God for fooling 'em. they would never know,they're the one who played the role. the God has created us to bring joys; and fix our feebleness independently. yet,we are the imbecile one,back down ourselves into ignorance.

observed the ones who lived perseverance. neither she nor he,both done proved they can walked alone through the difficulties. it's a shame for us the irreproachable cannot do the same things. even though it's easy as it done.



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