Sunday, 14 August 2011

Love Hate

yes, love wasn't just about happiness and what we always aimed for. based on what i've been thru with my beloved guy, sometimes speaks with tongue  is way better to describe your true feeling rather than speaks with you heart. as i looked into his eyes and hear to his voice; sweet talker things, i doubted. why on earth he talked some rubbish stuff to other bitches?? planned for a date. true. me, myself can't judge any negative thoughts towards him, but for god's fuckin' damn sake; who wants to deny it anyway? after what i've read with my both naked eyes and for sure, i've been born with sanity brain; he was unfaithful towards me. whether unpurposely or fuckin' damn not! bulls**t; that's only how i can describe my feeling thru words.

wish he could earn so much better bitches than i am. fools.
this way up, this way down.

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