Monday, 8 August 2011

From Amy Kitty to Kitty Goregeous (:


You talk mad shit and say it without a trace! Come on and be a big girl and say it to my face! If u cant walk the walk then dont talk the talk! Cuz FAKE lil bitches get outlined in chalk!!

I keep it real and thats a promise.I may be a bitch but at least i'm honest.When i walk by,u stop and stare.Well keep looking cuz i dont care.I have my own life and style.Not trying to please u or make u smile! When it comes to competition you are out.Now shut ur hatin' ASS and keep me out of ur mouth!!
Sorry for saying the bad words..honestly im not into chiding peeps but lately my deary haters who im not supposed to mention about his/her name was trying to break me u can see well i had turn out from kinda metal/scene looks to dolly form.. *dolly - its a style with big eyes,cute face,have a great make up on and cute dresses..only few of u know that im not a really girlish before but after few years have been passed by,i took the decision to change and do the makeover on my style..back to the years ago im not a girl who loves to wear some fancy rings,bracelet and dresses cuz im into hardcore and stuff..i loved to hang out with my 'hardcore' buddies do the lepak2 thing,gigs and jamming..well it happened on my age of 16 to 18..i can say that most of my boyfriends were that type of genre,u know guys with long hair,got piercing on their lippy brat,monroe and septum..OMG they were so hot on that time (alahh,dulu je tp skang cm hampeh je muke masing2) mostly listen to whitechapel,suicide silence,cannibal corpse,caliban,black dahlia mureder,job for a cowboy,miss may i,chealsea grin,carnifex,etc..i dont wanna talk much bout my past life but i wanna show u some of my old pictures when i was that type of girl..

Jyeahh..i look like horrid with short hair..this sign picture was taken on 2 years ago for my buddy,Otis :(

Ignore the hibi pleaseee..its been put by a best friend of mine,Andi Zephyr :p
Damnnn! ive just realised that i got big boobs..LOL (ignore me please) but yeahh imma \m/

Im kinda missed my old hair especially the layers cut and the fringe..ergghh!!

Keep it real babehhh \m/ 2008 (Andi Zephyr and Amy Kitty)

Well u can see me in bra (:

After few years of my glory *perasaan :p ive decided to change my lifestyle to new page of style..well maybe i sound like a POSER or being a POSEUR for changing it but who cares rite? like an old saying ''you're what u eat and u're what u wear''..i dont give a fuck on those people who says imma big fat poser..everybody needs to make a change rite?especially when they turn older like already 20 years mannn and i need to start to find a good job,a good husband and a better life..isnt that wrong????xkan nk duduk ditampuk lama..hmm...i had many friends who hard to find good job out there especially when it comes to government thing..mmg patut la sape nk bagi keje klu kau pakai cm x semenggah je..btindik sane sini..setakat keje kt mall kau xpayah blaja tinggi pn xpe..tapi sampai bile korang nk keje kt tempat2 camtu??nak sara diri sendiri pn xlepas..after realised all the needs that brings crucial to my future that im heading to,ive decided to wrap up whole things especially my geek style and my attitude..thus ive learnt some of the "dolly things" from a friend of mine,Qiqi Bunny :3 thanks qi for making my looks way better than the old one! yippie!! i got my own new looks and my new hair so be it..after done the transforn thing,i had searching for a good boyfriend not the geek one like im used to date with..kinda lame!! so now im into Kim as u know the gay bieber dude (andi said)..ive tried to fix the emptyness and mistakes that ive done before..i wanna be a good person in the future so i took the chance that my pops gave me to redeem my mistakes..that is continuing my degree and stay at home like 'anak bapak'..i guess u wanna see the new me so lets check it out :D

The dolly eyes thing :)
Do i look like a barbie in this photo?? :3
So now i hope u'll get the point..its not really a big sins if u try to do some changing in other word to make ur life way better than now..becuz someday u'll have ur own family,ur own kids where by u never wanted them to waste their life making friends with some bunch of jerks..we;re the grown up people,so wake up mann!! change ur life to better one and let other people give respect on u..out~

Dear haters,
                          Dont hate me bcuz i wasnt who u thought i was or wanted me to be.Dont hate cause im cute and sweet..hate cause u can compete..Its better to be hated for who you are than to be loved for who you are not.So dont hate for what u cant imitate..either love or hate me,both ways..Im on ur mind..and im flattered (: PLUS,i learned to always forgive my enemies,nothing annoys them more.. - ME

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  1. babe , i mmg ske bce blog n i rase i x rugi mse sbb bace blog u dri awl2 smpai last .. haha .. mmg aweeeesoomeee !! mmg lhaa kan owg lao cntik ade je yg jeles .. i ske scene gurl <3 . nk jadik ta bole , x ssuai .. fake ? hmm biase kan yunk .. tp lao owg 2 bebaik gn u,u maafkan ke ? i pon ade aa gak prob2 cmni .. =='



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