Tuesday, 23 August 2011

You're So Barbie

Okay guys, few days ago i was hang out with my pops, my mom, and also my beloved sister Bell Attack (miza) and her boyfriend Zack Attack (akmal). actually i wasn't planned to buy any stuff there, yet after we (me , miza, akmal) had walk over the mall, i saw a little cute pink dress and straight away i grabbed the dress..yeahh i know i looked bad for showing my craziness towards the dress. my bad, guys. i asked the two kiddos; miza and akmal, opinions bout the dress. and yes, they said i'll look cute and beautiful if i wear the dress. i'm so happy and straight away called the sissy; the salesgirl to take the dress to the cashier. after it gets paid, we took a walk at nearby gift shop. my mom was there to a buy silver ring. yup, my mom was soooo into rings, bracelets and stuff. luckily i wasn't like her much. i was bored cuz the two kiddos left me out alone in the gift shop with my mom. thus i circled around the teddy's and i saw lots of snow cap hang over next to handbag's. there, came a cute girl and she asked me whether i want to buy the snow cap. so I've bought one with brown in color which costs only rm14.90!!!!! no doubt, it was so cheaper than my old skull snow cap. for ur info, my mom had pay the cap.

Here's the thing : dress, cap, and two stuff for my hair (I'm not sure what its named by)

girls are so much into cute stuff which we can't deny it especially when it comes to cheap price and affordable to buy. so here's my things that i've bought on that day.



rm23.90 (after 20% discount)

rm169+ ( thanks to my dad for paying this heels for me) :3
actually the heels that my pops paid, was for hari raya but i guessed i wanna buy another barbie shoe (flat shoe). maybe i'll use some of my salary cuz my parents had pay lots for my indulgence. i believed all girls would do the same thing, shopaholic (eventho i'm not kinda goaled myself into it).
fantasy is necessary ingredient in living. it's a way of looking at life thru the end wrong of a telescope.
listen to :
like we used to
by a rocket to the moon
by stephen jerzak

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