Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Behind The Sweet Tooth

friend doesn't only means she/he is the one who mostly talked to us on social network as what happened now. yet she/he is the one who always there for u thru thick and light. so heres my girl, Andi Zephyr; based on 9 years of friendship theres a lot to tell in this blog. for short i believed there are no ones can compete our friendship. i'm saying this because kids nowadays usually labelled a person *which was they met on facebook* as their 'best friend' without knowing them perfectly. i can't simply judge bout it cuz people got rights to do whatever they wanted to.

it was my best nite ever when a best friend of mine, Andi Zephyr has made up a song vid for me. honestly, im kinda tears to shed when i watched this vid. ( i could never get a friend like u do. she's like pain in my ass; always there when i need her ang the best part is she loved to buy me loads of thing such as hello kitty stuff, handbag, dresses, etc. no doubt i will always love her till death do us apart. <33

listen to :
cady groves
(a town like this)

in memories of my late brother, icha a.k.a reafse.

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